How to work at home with all your files securely….

Self Isolation doesn’t have to include your files!

Whilst we’re all trying to work from home, it may or may not be something we have all set up to do easily.

I will go through some useful ways to work from home from simple things like using DropBox, OneDrive & Google Drive/Docs to get at your work data to sing other tools like Teamviewer & CloudBerry.

Sync your files easily

Your files and documents are crucial for keeping your business running. Getting secure access to them in really important.

Dropbox – you can have a free account for up to 2GB and will be enough for a collection of important documents but if you need more space buy into their business Dropbox and get 1TB or space, something the vast majority of businesses will never fill.

Google Drive – a free account will get your 5GB of space free agaain more space is available with them. The benefit with google drive is the ability to edit anything on the fly with Google Docs and to be editting at the same time as other users in your company.

OneDrive with Office 365 you get 1TB included and even without it you get 5GB. You may even be suing it on a laptop or Computer you bought  in the past year or so and have even relaised it was an option. OneDrive will work seemlessly with Office 365 to keep you data secure and accessible from anywhere. Also it intrgates with something called Sharepoint, another tool included in Microsofts MASSIVE range of tools for businesses. I will go into Sharepoint in another article.

All these options have a program you download to your computer to allow instant and offline access to your files. Start today with a free account or if you have Office 365 login with your current email address and get your premium access straight away!

Remote Computer Control

So you can get your data from home now but maybe you have a certain number of things that can only be done on one computer, saved passwords in a secure password vault on one PC, maybe your work requires the high power of your work PC this is something graphic designers and web developers, film edittors and many more people will be familiar with. So what on earth can you do?!

It’s easy!!!!! Use a program to remotely login to your PC that has the tools and powerful resources that you need and do it all from your laptop sitting in the garden at home! Teamviewer, Cloudberry & other remote login tools allow you to login remotely to your PC for easy at home access to your business hardware. There are other options out there and for certain businesses they will want to take advantage of windows inbuilt Remote Desktop client. This however takes a little bit of setting up but once set up is more powerful than all the tools above in my humble opinion.

For help getting any of these options up and running for your business and staff get in touch on 01509 815072 or email us at

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