How to Communicate with your Team while working from Home

Let’s all work together… from home!


We all need to stay in touch whislt working from home. Incredibly it’s much easier tha you think! The most important thing is to work be able to have regular meetings with virtual face-to-face meetings to keep the communicaiton rolling in the company. Each business is different and will have differen tools availabel to them but we want to cover the basics.

Office 365 users

Any business who has rolled out Microsoft Office 365 to their staff will have an amazing tool already available to them! Microsoft Teams is a program and tool and that comes with Office 365 and can integrate with Outlook and your calendar so creating a meeting is as easy as heading to your outlook calednar, creating an appointment and inviting those people inside & outside your organisation to be part of it. You can reate meeting in the future or start one straight away. So even if you only have one member of staff with Office 365 you can do this! It is a truly powerful tool. For more on how to use it please get in touch with us to get an indepth lesson on how to use it effecitvely in your business.

Zoom Meetings

If you dont have access to Teams or want another option, if you’re in luck there is another great tool. Zoom is a conference call tool that is free for meetings shorter than 40mins. That being said i have been involved in meetings longer than this and no had any cut offs or charges, your milage may vary. That said, 40 mins is plenty for that morning briefing or more! Zoom works very simply, create a free account, download the software & start your first meeting straightaway. Enjoy the easy invite process that connects to your emails and allows you add to people at any time. Anyone wanting help getting this facility setup get in touch with us so we can guide yo through the set up and work flow process of Zoom Meetings.

Team Management

Keep a track of your staff remotely using some great tools!

There are a number of tools out there for free that help you keep a track of your work and your staff’s progress on them. Asana,, Teams & Microsoft Planner to name a few. All have varied workflows but all allow you to scribble down all those jobs and assign staff members o them, they can then all update their progress and you can write messages back and forth on each job so you can always find messages related to that job. It works so much better than having to look at your emails, search through them, find the calendar entry that you put in weeks ago to find out what you should be doing. Just create a free account wih these tools and get started straightaway.


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