How to create a Microsoft Teams Meeting using Outlook Calendar

Virtual Meetings just like In-person Meetings!

Microsoft Teams works very well with other Microsoft programs as you would expect which makes creating a meeting that much easier.

Whilst you can create a meeting (now and scheduled for the future) directly inside the Teams app, to create a meeting and invite anyone to it, can be achieved much easier in Outlook.

Follow these easy steps and you’ll be set!

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Go to the Calendar Section
  3. Highlight the time and date you wish to have the meeting (optional)
  4. Click “New Teams Meeting”
  5. Give the meeting a name and time and date if not already done so.
  6. You will see this is not like a normal appt in the calendar as it has a required & optional field. These fields are for your invitees.
  7. Add the email addresses of the people you wish to join or even include a distribution list.
  8. Write anything you wish to in the text below.
  9. Click Send.

At the correct time and date of your meeting, either open the outlook calendar meeting or enter Teams itself and click Join Meeting, the est of your invitees will either be able to click the link in their email or as long as they have accepted the meeting can do the same in their calendars and get straight into the meeting with you.

This will work for anyone who wants to get external people to your organisation involved in the meetings. The only thing they may need to do is download the Free Teams software which they will be prompted to.

If you wish to know more about using Teams or any other conferencing software browse our other blog posts or get in touch for one-to-one guidance.

Dave Ricks

Dave Ricks

Managing Director & Blog Editor

My head may be full of movie quotes, walkthroughs of how to play games and the sound of a constant clapping monkey but sometimes I find it’s worth jotting the actually useful down onto paper in the hopes it can help someone.

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