COVID-19 Update – We are still offering livestreaming services and all can be done from your own home! We can still provide the same quality production and keeping everyone safe.

Connect to your audience… wherever they are… across the world! Create professional live streaming productions whilst leaving the technical stuff to us. The benefit of getting assistance running a Livestream may, at first, seem a little obscured however the benefits are actually vast! Not only will you not have to worry about the technical side of running it all but you can add professionalism that you would not be able to do yourself including music, lower thirds, add callers from around the world, run videos and screen capture, record simultaneous streams of your presentations fro later use / editing and much more. Get in touch now or read more below to find out just how amazing it can be!


Let’s start with the most important. Your Branding, everywhere! you can have you logo and colourscheme all over your livestream. Make sure everyone knows its you.

Lower Thirds

Include your branding and let everyone know who you are on screen whilst you introduce yourself and your co-hosts. Us Lower thirds to add names, subject of what your content is as well as to shows live questions form the audience keeping your viewers engaged.

Multiple Feeds & Videos

Have an unlimited numbers of inputs and mulitple live feeds from local sources or from all over the world. Show off your latest promtoional clip, slideshow & much more. Run background audio and even mix in professional inputs from professional microphones & cameras.

Remote Presenters

Host a livestream with people all over the world seemlessly. With the inbuilt system we use the process for your presenters is as easy as opening a link in a browser window and loowing access to your webcam. That’s it! no downloading, creating an account or restarting your PC just click and go!

Live Audience Interaction

Make the difference to a video you put out there and a livestream by interacting with your audience. Choose live whether you want to see single questions and comments or a contstant comments feed from your audience from multiple sources, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube to name a few.

Uncompressed HD Recordings

We offer a multi tiered service to record multiple verison of your livestream in compressed and uncompressed formats and with or without overlays. This is crucial for post editting incresing your content value. This is something you simply cannot get if you stream direclty to YouTube for example.

Quality Intro / Outros

Make sure you livestream starts the right way, with a countdown timer and your branding and colour schemes. Not only does this better than a start where you wonder if you’re live or not but also gives your audience piece of mind that they are in the right place.

Virtual Green Rooms

Get the chance to talk to the tehcnical crew and all your presenters in a vitural greenroom before and during a livestream, this ensures a “production” that makes your livestreamsn stand out from a simple Zoom Meeting.

Piece of Mind

Get that warm feeling of knowing someone has your back and take the weight off your shoulders of looking after the livestream feed and technical bits, leaving you to concentrate on your own content.

Create your First Professional Livestream with us!

Transform your connection to your audiecne and keep in touch more easily with our livestreaming services.