Five ways we can improve your venue’s sound and light

Whether you have a wedding venue, hireable hall for parties, Bar/restaurant, Night Club or large entertainment/ activity venue, the sound and lighting control should be at your fingertips and should make an impact whatever you set it to!



Whether you have room dimming lights or Colour changing lighting for a dancefloor and stage, make sure you only need go to one control surface to easily control ALL your lighting with helpful preset as well as client specific customization. There are many options from, DJ Lighting control boards, one panel 1 click button control for your bar/restaurant lighting scenes / iPad control with endless control whilst you walk around! Make it work for you not the other way round.


Suitable & Dynamic Lighting

Ever wanted to set the mood but you’re running old lighting circuits with basic LED bulbs? Upgrade them to fully control the lighting and set the mood with perfect dimming systems. Ever installed a wall dimmer from your local hardware shop and find your LEDs flicker? We have the professional kit to ensure you never see that again. Add some extra by having colour changing lights all controlled and set by presets that any of your staff can control.

Perfect Lighting


Better Audio Quality

A common problem we come up against is underpowered speakers being installed at venues and causing endless issues by them always being pushed too hard. Ensure that your venue get the adequate system size for your venue. Our experience team will calculate the best system for you venue to ensure the most cost-effective price for the output.


Microphones work

Do you find that you inbuilt wireless microphones drop out when the room is full? Make sure you get the right equipment for your venue. Certain microphone system and frequencies can be impacted by interference especially in cities by other nearby systems, such as taxis, other venues & even just your guests phones in the room. Invest in the right kit form the start and find how fast people rave about the reliability of your system.



Sound and lighting systems are completely separate right? WRONG! Whether it’s playing Happy Birthday across the speakers and having dancing lights or setting the mood ready for the beat to drop, make sure your systems talk to each other and make it all the easier to control.

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