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If you’re creating an event space in your office, building or venue, our experienced team can design, deliver and install all the light and sound equipment you need to maximise your investment. 

If you’re refreshing a space you already have or a venue you have recently acquired, we can also undertake a review of your current equipment and advise you on any upgrades you need to achieve the high standards you require.

We can find the right equipment and create an installation package that meets your needs and your budget.

What we do

Whether you need automated party room lighting, a fully customised and automated conference room setup or even outdoor architectural lighting, our team has the experience you need to deliver a space that customers will want to use with equipment that will last.


Audio Systems

speaker system for all room sizes from conference to large venue halls including microphones for speeches and announcements

Lighting Systems

conference room lighting controls to multi-functional intelligent lighting for venues of all sizes including stage lighting.

Control Systems

multi zone audio control, announcements, lighting control for single room or whole venue control and much more.


Bluetooth systems, room control, presence detection, sustainability solutions and more.

Conference Room Systems

combine your audio, lighting and video systems into one easy to use solution, perfect for any conference to fit your needs


Bespoke Systems

got something in mind? We’ll be happy to design the best system for you and your budget.

Get the best from your venue starting today

Get in touch today to discuss your events space and we’ll be happy to advise you on the ideal solutions for your project as well as create a tailored AV, lighting & audio package that fits your budget.

Why we are different

We have hands on experience in live events and virtual events, so we know what works for a venue looking to get a package installed that will maximise its usefulness in your event space. We also provide combined systems so that each section video, audio and lighting can be controlled by one system by end users.

Our Portfolio

These are some of our recent projects. If you like what you see and would like to find out more about how we can deliver your event, just get in touch.

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