(PAT) Portal Appliance Testing


What we do

We provide qualified Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) testing of all portable and static devices, covering both domestic and commercial equipment. Our services include full visual inspection and electrical testing of Class 1, Class 2 & Class 3 items, as well as power leads & extension cables.

Why PAT Test

You should have your electrical appliances regularly maintained and checked for safety. This not only ensures that they comply with regulations, but also protects you in this increasing ‘blame’ culture, proving that you take your Health & Safety responsibilities seriously.

What’s included in Testing

We start our test of each piece of equipment by identifying the type of item, to ensure that the correct testing methods are used.

We then check the plug of the device (if it has one) to see if it complies with British Standards. We open the plug (if applicable) and check that the right fuse is being used, and that the wiring is correct and safe.

If any rewiring or fuse changes are needed, we carry out the required repairs. We then ensure that both the case & cable of the item pass a visual inspection.

Once the visual inspection is complete, we use our calibrated testing equipment to check the device’s earth continuity (if applicable), its insulation resistance & electrical leakage. For cables, we also test that their polarity is correct.

At this stage, we apply the appropriate test sticker, pass or fail the item, and log the information in a detailed report.

At the end of all testing, we send a full report to you for your records, as well as written confirmation that all items have been successfully PAT tested.

Re-testing is recommended every 12 months, or more frequently if the equipment is regularly moved.

What Items do we test?

Class 1

Class 1 items have an earth cable and usually have some metal exposed which is earthed.

Class 2

Class 2 items are double insulated and have no earth cable.

Class 3

Class 3 items are low-voltage electrical devices that require a visual inspection to ensure that their cases are not damaged.

Leads & Extension Cables

These are tested as Class 1 items, but the polarity of each cable is also checked.

Why Choose Use


We perform thorough inspections of all the equipment we test. This includes visual inspections, as well as using calibrated testing devices.


We check that all appliances and plugs conform to British Standards regulations.


If an item fails a visual inspection, we will always attempt to repair it, to ensure the maximum pass rate possible.


We charge for our services on a per-day basis, NOT a per-item basis. This means that we are not trying to test as many items as possible in the smallest time frame. Instead, we ensure that all tests are completed correctly and thoroughly.

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