Three common wedding Audio mistakes and how to avoid them

At Light Up Creative we’ve been a trusted part of many weddings, and we understand your wedding day is a celebration of your love and unity. So, how can you ensure that your guests can hear and enjoy every moment? By avoiding these common wedding sound mistakes.


Inaudible speeches, neglecting the music selection and poor volume control in outdoor settings are all issues we have recently experienced and successfully prevented when planning weddings with our happy couples. By avoiding these, you can create an atmosphere that resonates with the joy and happiness of the occasion.


Avoid Inaudible speeches

Whether it be the best man, the father of the bride or the Groom, speeches are an essential part of the celebrations. Make sure that everyone can hear them. Even when there are only 30 people in the room, it can be challenging for some people to project their voices to be heard by everyone. Using a wireless mic and PA system, you can make sure everyone hears the silly thing the groom did on the Stag do or that heart-warming tale from the bride’s childhood.


Make your outdoor ceremony feel intimate

If you’ve ever been to an outdoor ceremony, you know it can be hard to hear what is happening over the noise of the natural environment. Birds, wind and even rustling leaves can make it difficult for guests to catch every word of the ceremony. Ensure everyone you’ve invited can hear your carefully curated and loving vows. A wireless belt-pack on the Bride, Groom and officiant ensures the guest can listen to the ceremony and not miss a moment of your special day. Our top tip is to request a beige microphone wire for the bride so that the microphone doesn’t distract from her beautiful dress.


Pick your music in advance

This one is up to you! Make sure you pick the music you want to walk down the aisle to, music to leave the ceremony and an entire playlist that’s meaningful to the two of you for later in the day. Our suggestion: Why not include “pick a playlist” as part of your wedding invite to encourage guests to suggest songs they’d like to hear on the dancefloor before the big day.

Have your perfect day!

Every wedding day is uniquely special, and we love being a part of them. We hope these simple tips will ensure everyone feel part of your extra special day and mean your left feeling top of the world as you dance to your favourite songs!

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